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We do understand there are a number of tuning providers to choose from, and from a web site many look the same. We would seek to assure you Viezu is not just "another tuning provider": our tuning services have been developed in house over the last 20 years and are some of the very best available in the world today.

Fully Insured

Viezu is insured for the act of remap file writing and tuning to the value of £5million GBP. Vehicle Remapping Australia is also insured Australia wide.

Cost Effective

Our services are cost effective and usually cheaper than chipping it. Remapping is the safest way to improve your performance, because all the inbuilt safety parameters are still present.

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About Vehicle Remapping Australia

Vehicle Remapping Australia have been remapping since 2015 and being an Authorised Viezu Dealer gives us a wealth of experience to draw from. Viezu are one of the largest vehicle tuning companies in England and is also fully ISO 9001 certified.

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No, in fact quite the opposite. Even on a performance tune, if you continue to drive the car in the same way as you did before the upgrade, your fuel consumption will probably improve. Of course if you have a track day motorsport tuning map installed on the car, and you are driving the car under the conditions in which full on motorsport tuning is intended, you're likely to find a slightly reduced MPG figure. In just about all other cases though Viezu tuning will improve your vehicle's fuel economy. Economy tuning can have a dramatic effect on fuel consumption with considerable improvements being achieved along with huge money savings on fuel. All Viezu fuel economy tuning has a money back promise - if you are not delighted you don't pay for the tuning.
The most common of all tuning questions. It is not complicated but there are a few answers to this question, some more obvious than others. Vehicle manufactures are in a tough position here, they have to build one vehicle for all drivers - it's a bit like a nice suit off the shelf; it fits well, it looks smart, but it can't be custom tailored for the end customer. Tuning is just the same - if you own a fleet of vans you may want a speed limiter or rev limiter added to help save your fuel, yet another customer may want a little more power to help with towing or heavy payloads. These sorts of changes can only be made once the vehicle is built and the customer needs something other than 'off the shelf.' Fuel quality - we are often asked to tune for different fuel quality, either higher or lower. Once an owner knows where his vehicle will be used and what it will be used for we can adapt the tuning for environmental, altitude and fuel quality. And surprisingly, many manufactures do offer ECU remapping services - any showroom these days will be full of eco-tuned vehicles, often sporting a 'blue' badge just like our BlueOtimize tuning. With our tuning though, you don't need a new vehicle to benefit from economy tuning. In addition, many manufacturers offer power and performance tuning upgrades too, or offer the same engine in a range of vehicles offering different power levels. This enables customers a choice, taking account of tax banding, insurance, performance, price and economy. In most cases though the choice is controlled with software just like our tuning, but with Viezu you don't have to decide what you want from new in the showroom, we can tailor your vehicle to your needs whenever you want.