About Us

Vehicle Remapping Australia have only been remapping for two years but being an Authorised Viezu Dealer gives us a wealth of experience to draw from. Viezu are one of the largest vehicle tuning companies in England and is also fully ISO
9001 certified.

Keith Evans from Vehicle Remapping Australia started is working career as an Apprentice Engine Reconditioner staying with that business for 10 years then starting his own engine reconditioning business. He then went into designing and manufacturing specialised machinery and factory maintenance.

Keith is qualified as an Engine Reconditioner, Fitter and Machinist, Motor Mechanic and Mechanical Engineer so he also has a wealth of experience from which to draw.



OVER 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE We do understand there are a number of tuning providers to choose from, and from a web site many look the same. We would seek to assure you Viezu is not just "another tuning provider": our tuning services have been developed in house over the last 20 years and are some of the very best available in the world today.


Viezu is insured for the act of remap file writing and tuning to the value of £5million GBP. Vehicle Remapping Australia is also insured Australia wide.


Our services are cost effective and usually cheaper than chipping it. Remapping is the safest way to improve your performance, because all the inbuilt safety parameters are still present.